Gramma's Cold Beer & Wine Store

Gramma's Liquor Store

Conveniently located in lower Gibsons at the foot of School Rd and centered at 5 Corners intersection is Gramma’s Liquor Store. With a great selection of cold beer, wine, spirits, coolers, ciders and such, you can find pretty much all of your favourites right here.

Whether stocking up your boat for a gorgeous, sunny day, ocean excursion or just on your way too or from the ferry terminal, Gramma’s Liquor Store is exactly what you need and where you need it.

Gramma's Liquor Store - Lower Gibsons, BC right on the waterfront

We have all the popular brands of beer/cider/coolers and they are all chilled to the perfect temperature for you to take and enjoy at your convenience.

There is also a great selection of wines (red, rose/blush, white) to take with you on your way to your party, get-together, or event. Grab your favourite bottle on the way to your friends or family and ensure you are being a great guest. We even have chilled whites/rose wines already at the perfect temperature.

If you are looking for spirits or hard liquor we also have a nice selection of the popular brands of rye, vodka, rum, tequila and more.

Looking for ice… we have that too!!

We Are Open:

  • 7 Days A Week
    9 AM to 11 PM

Also, we’re open during most holidays!

  • Only closed – Christmas Day & Christmas Eve after 9 pm

Gramma's Liquor Store

Lower Gibsons Cold Beer & Wine Store

Gramma's Liquor Store is perfectly placed for all alcohol, beer, cider, coolers and wine in lower Gibsons, at the waterfront, in the harbour and too/from BC Ferries.
Did you forget to grab that bottle of wine on the way home to your sweetheart? Do you need a quick, cold 6-pack of your favourite beer to take with you on the boat to your cottage, private beach or friends party? Did you run out of that rum/rye/vodka/tequila that you always have in the house? Well... pop on down to Gramma's Liquor store at the foot of School Rd in Lower Gibsons, right in front of the Government Warf. They'll look after you with a great selection of all your favs.

Gramma’s NOW offers secure/safe Online Takeout/Pickup Ordering via TouchBistro!
Give it a try…

Want it DELIVERED? Contact CoastalRides and they can pick up and deliver it right to your door!

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Great location, yummy food, great service!!

Steve Jones

Great view, friendly staff, and wide selection of wine and local beers. The food is generally good quality pub-grub staples.

Dave Williamson

GOOD PRICES FOR CHEAP PEOPLE such as myself. i recommend the daily specials, place has amazing cooking for amazing prices. also has a good atmosphere; low key, no hassle. love it!!!!

Alexander Werewitch