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Some interesting facts and history about our pub and store.
A Short History

Who's Gramma Anyway?

There have been buildings on this spot since the inception of Gibsons Landing in the early 1900's. One of the more notable buildings built here was ``Sully's Dine & Dance``, a mid-1940's dance hall. Next the building became the Ma Fishers Cafe, but the changes didn't stop there... after a stint as a Bank of Montreal, then Walt & Aaron's Fishing shop, and next Earl's Sporting Goods, the building was finally purchased by the Janowski family in 1978-79, rebuilt and turned into Gramma's Pub, named simply because ``Gramma`` Janowski liked her pints!
Sully's Dine & Dance - 1949
Photo – Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives

Gramma’s Pub, whose name was a spur of the moment idea by the original owners, while on their way to a Pub/Bar convention, started off as BC’s first “Marine Pub” in order to skirt around provincial regulations concerning proximity of other bars. In order to fit into the “mariner pub” designation Gramma’s had to offer showers/toilets, provisions and boating hardware to sailors and fishers as well as obviously the bonus of a restaurant and pub.

Photo – Sunshine Coast Museum

Purchased in 1984 by it’s current owners, the pub still had the original Sporting Goods store at the street level where the Cold Beer & Wine store sits now. This proved to be a major financial problem so after a “Going Out of Business” 50% off sale (which attracted so many people they had to line up right down the wharf to the dock) it was closed and remodeled into the now present Gramma’s Liquor Store. This was only the 2nd “cold beer & wine” shop in all of BC (and would have been the FIRST had it not been for a stubborn liquor license inspector, but that is another story to tell another time).

At the moment, Gramma’s is a fabulous place to get some great meals at a great price, have a pint or two and be able to sit and watch the comings and goings of sailing boats, skiffs, tugs and fishing vessels in and out of our beautiful Gibsons Harbour. It’s a great spot to catch your favorite team playing on their big screen TV’s or just sit and enjoy a sleeve of your favorite beer on tap and watch the moon rise over Keat’s Island.

Hope you can join us soon!

Friends & Family Feeling

Traditional Sports Pub Look

Gramma's Pub has that traitional look and feel of your neighborhood sports bar but maintains that ``community friends & family`` atmosphere. Your are in good hands with our amazing staff, the bartenders are top notch and as you can tell the view is ASTOUNDING... So whether you live down the street, somewhere on the Sunshine Coast or you've joined us from afar... it's like coming ``home``!
Great location, yummy food, great service!!

Steve Jones

Great view, friendly staff, and wide selection of wine and local beers. The food is generally good quality pub-grub staples.

Dave Williamson

GOOD PRICES FOR CHEAP PEOPLE such as myself. i recommend the daily specials, place has amazing cooking for amazing prices. also has a good atmosphere; low key, no hassle. love it!!!!

Alexander Werewitch